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How to Age Successfully – Kingston Festival Talks

Dr Peter Enten presents Ageing Successfully at the Kingston Senior Festival

Dr Peter Enten presented on what we needed to look out for as we age, and what we can do to stay active. Dr. Enten proposed that to prevent the health declines prevalent in our later years we should focus on the following:

  • Stay socially active – Getting out into the community keeps us connected, moving and motivated. Resting too much at home can lead to a decline in our health
  • Get nagging pains checked out – Chronic pain can prevent us from socialising or exercising enough. Get pain checked early by your GP so it can be treated or managed before it gets worse.
  • Eat Well – Avoid processed foods, especially processed meats. Focus on fresh foods, including fresh meats such as fish and chicken. Eat a varied diet of fresh foods.
  • Exercise, especially strength – Our fitness and strength was the main focus for Ageing Successfully. Maintaining good strength prevents us from falling and injuring ourselves. Having fallen once significantly increases our chances of falling again and causing further injury.

It was great to visit the Soul Café again at the Cheltenham Community Centre to speak with people during lunch. As usual, delicious fresh food was served up by the volunteer team in the kitchen.

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